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The year 2001 comes a great challenge to JC Emmanuel V. Climaco, Uptown’s 2001 President, to continue to foster the Uptown spirit of JCI Sen. Sydney legacy to the LOM.. As what JC Manny, quoted. “ This first year of the 21st century will not be just like any LOM year. After all, it is a year predicted to be full of changes, uncertainties and perhaps, chaos. And in the face of uncertainties, our best course of action is to remain steady and composed. As a club, we should consider our strengths and dampen our weaknesses. We should aim for a new sense of responsibility for our century…The demands of our time are great and they are different. Let us build our bridge and let us make a difference”. Our LOM theme, “Propagating the Leadership University through Service” poses a challenge for all our members to continue with the goodwill and the true spirit of comradeship we have developed and nurtured through the years. Let us harness this feeling in shaping up an atmosphere conducive to success. As JC Manny parting words would say: “ I wish to say that I am lucky because a group of result-oriented gentlemen will be at my side. We intend to move on despite of the anticipated hardships we will meet along the way. No matter how difficult it may be, I am confident that we will overcome. And to you my fellow Jaycee, let me part with this famous words…………….’Eighty percent of success is showing up’. As a fellow officer of the board, we will continue to built a better response to the numerous project, what JC Manny implements and finishes. A true leader stands in every time of need. That is to stand as a team. History will always be kind to Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees, Inc. the Chapter where you and I must belong.

This year, JC Edmund Odulio was elected into office on a very hotly contested election where more than 80 Uptown members showed up to cast their votes. When he was Exec Vice Pres under Manny Climaco's term, he chaired 10 projects and attended almost all of the other projects of the LOM. JC Edmund was appointed as BID Chairman for the 2003 Cebu ASPAC as he led delegates to the 2001 Taegu ASPAC in Korea to bid for the hosting of the 2003 ASPAC in Cebu and successfully came home with the bacon. During the Kabangkalan Area Conference, he won the major award for the Most Oustanding Member. All these in preparation for his presidency. During the election, JC Edmund delivered his speech with utmost confidence. His vision for 2002, "to assemble and train the ultimate general membership, one that is dedicated, commited and fun loving, and one that is ready to help the Uptown host the 2003 Asia Pacific Conference.

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