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In 1997 JC Jerry U. Rapes was finally elected into office as LOM President. He was the first LOM President to adapt the NOM Theme: Jaycees Smiles - Services to Mankind Involves Leadership, Efficiency and Solidarity. For the first and second quarter the LOM rose meteorically to Number 1 in the JCP 100% Efficiency Program. He is known as the Best Convention Director the Philippine Jaycees ever had - "A World-Class" to some. On this year JCI Sen. Marcelo Martin N. Fernan, Jr. was also elected as the 49th JCP National President, having JCI Sen. Jose Rafael D. Mercurio as his Executive Director. This year was a real banner year for Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees, Inc. JC Jerry was able to increase our membership from 56 to 76 members, thus upgrading the chapter's Category II into a Category I LOM.

Let's welcome the Centennial President on the Golden Year of the JC Movement in the Philippines - JC Oliver L. Seno. He was the 1st LOM President that was serenaded by his singer wife - Cindy during the 13th induction. He was the Most Outstanding LOM President of the Visayas awarded during the VISARCON held in Baybay, Leyte and Merit Award for the Most Outstanding LOM President during the 50th National Convention held in Cebu City. It is understandable that he will just receive a merit award because he is the Host LOM President of the 1998 National Convention. JC Oliver's LOM theme was similar to that of JCI Sens. Alex and Dennis using his last name as acronym for "Service, Efficiency and Nexus will make us Outstanding" (SENO).

It was JC Bitoy Lee's time as he became as the LOM President for 1999. He is best remembered for the community projects he himself initiated. JC Bitoy even won an International Award for his UNICEF Project. JC Bitoy is considered a true Jaycee. Until now, he is still active in attending LOM Projects and making Bid Books.

JC Gilbert B. Purcia had the most challenging year for Uptown, time flies so fast in the year 1999. He was happy to see the organization binded together to move forward and shape the LOM for the New Millennium. JC Gilbert expressed his appreciation to the General Membership who in one way or another made possible some of the projects implemented. He was blessed to see us, as a LOM because all areas of opportunities has been exploited especially Business. Also having the best basketball tournament in the whole of the Jaycee Organization. The endeavor opened our heart and work and play with the other LOMs in the true sense of Jayceesim and continue to open the doors for others. JC Gilbert's stay was unexpected and short but the privileged to have enjoyed and learned from it. He thanked for the support and understanding to the Members of the Board. For his parting words, " I am sure if we did not run out of time we could have done more. Let us treasure and practice the things that the Jaycees has given us and work for the development of our country. To the incoming President- the future is bright I have no doubt you will lead us to greatness" . .

The LOM 2000 President JC Sydney E. Carcel, gives it's distinct honor and pleasure of greeting his fellow officers and fellow members on this momentous occassion of the chapter's 15th year. Emerging as a potent leader of the Millennium and probably the best leader of the Chapter's history. The President believes in the basic programs. Making the past president's involved so as there is a convergence of the minds of the experienced and the new members. The task, of bonding members closer to each other. That is evidently done by the numerous projects enrolled in the area of opportunities that was initiated and implemented. Delegation is the basic function of the President which evolves a way of telling the members that their President has the confidence and trust to the fellow members that they can make things happen. "Bogart" as what Uptowners call him is also remembered by his very successfull "3-cock derbys"

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