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In 1994, JCI Sen. Joselo D. Macachor was elected as LOM president. This year was supposedly reserved for JC Jerry U. Rapes, but because he was asked by JCI Sen. Jojo to give him the chance to lead. JC Jerry was too generous to consider. JCI Sen. Jojo's term was very colorful, because he was challenged by the past presidents to do better and more. He always wanted to project an elite image like the Manila Jaycees wherein everyone has to be in suit and tie in attending formal GMM's. Many international affairs took place such as sister chapter visitations and joint projects. It was in this year the most number of new recruits were introduced to the organization, having the most number of Jaycee activities and projects. During the Visayas Area convention, the chapter submitted the most number of bidbooks and won majority of the awards and citations. The chapter ranked 7th in JCP's 100 Efficiency Program. His effort was awarded as the Most Outstanding LOM President (Category II) for the Visayas Area and Most Outstanding LOM of the Year nationwide.

In 1995, quality projects and socials, are all remembered in this year under the "Decade and Fund Raiser President" of JCI Sen. Alex L. Lim. There were so many "first" projects during his term, the first Super Bigtime bingo with more than P1M in prizes, the first Golf Tournament, and the first Rummage Sale Program. Money generated were used to fund projects, JC campaigns and fellowships, subsidizing registration fees for members in attending international conferences, souvenir items like JC Pins, Caps, T-Shirts, Barong, Neck Tie, Wall Clock and Key Chains were also given for free. This year, the chapter has produced a JCI Vice President for Area B in the person of JCI Sen. Robert L. Go, and at the same time boosting the chapter's ego by garnering the 1st World Award - The UNICEF Award during the JCI World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland under the Stewardship of JC Jovito B. Lee as Project Chairman. It was also in this year that the strength of the LOM in under test, for two of its members are running for national positions, JC Domingo "Boy" Te for NT and JCI Sen. Marcelo Fernan, Jr. for NVP for Central Visayas and both won. JCI Sen. Alex initiated the use of his family name as an acronym for the LOM theme - "Leadership In Motion: Let's Make Things Happen." For making things happen he led the chapter to its peak by registering a gross income of nearly P2.0 M. He appointed all past LOM Pres. to be his advisers, having JCI Sen. Kio Mercurio as the chairman of advisers. Renewal of Sisterhood and Friendship pacts with Bacolod Carnia, Bacolod, Quezon City Capitol, Makati, Marikina, Marikit, Perlas Pasay, and Angeles Kulliat was signed during the 47th Cebu National Convention. The LOM ranked 5th in the JCP 100% Efficiency Program. JCI Sen. Alex was awarded as the Most Outstanding LOM President (Category II) not only for the Visayas Area but also for the entire Philippines.

JCI Sen. Dennis B. Wong was elected as the 12th LOM President. He was very instrumental in the production of our LOM and NOM videos. He took charge of all sorts of documentations during the 10th MCUJC Anniversary celebration. JCI Sen. Dennis was one of the 2 awardees for the Most Outstanding LOM President as there was a tie after judging. After five long years, the Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees Foundation was formally reregistered with the Security and Exchange Commission. JCI Sen. Dennis Wong followed JCI Sen. Alex's idea of his LOM theme thus a "Wings of New Generation" was an acronym for his last name WONG.

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