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In 1990, JC Domingo Y. Te's term was the most enjoyable. He was able to collect 100% on membership dues. He submitted a record of six bidbooks during the VISARCON in Bacolod City and NATCON in Cagayan de Oro. After nearly ten months of hard work, his efforts were recognized by the National Organization. He went home bringing the bacon for the chapter. The most coveted of which was the Most Outstanding LOM Award for Category 2, Most Outstanding LOM President Award for Category 2, Outstanding New Member Award for JC Ariel Uy, Most Outstanding Fund Raising Project Award, Outstanding Community Project Award for Tambayayong, and Membership Growth Award for 143% increase that made us Category 2 from Category 3. IT was this time that the Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees broke the tradition of all ladies LOM as the sister chapters. JC Boy signed a sisterhood pact with the Dumaguete Jaycees, Bohol Sandugo Jaycees, Toledo Jaycees and Bacolod Jaycees.

The first and second quarter of 1991 was a busy year for JCI Sen. Conrado Q. Pono. It was during his term that he has to attend so many meetings with the ASPAC Conference Organizing Committee and at the same time attend to organizing the Zugbuana Jaycees. He is known as the father of the Zugbuana while JCI Sen. Jun Lim and JC Nic Climaco their guardians. A formal sisterhood pact with Yosu Jaycees of South Korea and the Grass Mountain Jaycees of Taipei was signed. It was during his term when we experience Jaycee politics. JC Boy Te run for National Vice President for Central Visayas, and he won by seven votes against his rival. The Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees Foundation was established and registered just after the 1991 Cebu JCI ASPAC Conference for the purpose of building our LOM clubhouse.

JCI Sen. Ray Francis Giovani Alcoseba was elected into office on a very hotly contested election involving 3 candidates. Fresh from stint as one of the Assistance Conference Director for 1991 Cebu Asia Pacific Conference in charge of Promotions and Public Relations. He is best remembered as the father of Miss Uptown Jaycees. During the VISARCON in Tacloban City the Uptowners were dressed differently, even if it was a beach party affair and Uptowners came with their coat and tie. That's the Uptown Jaycees. In 1992, the Uptowners sponsored the first Miss Visayas Area Conference. Other notable project dubbed "Bangon Ormoc" was a joint project with the Zugbuana Jaycees, a huge concert composed of 10 different local bands who gave in their free services, and whose proceeds all went to help Ormoc Flood victims. It was also in his term that the MCUJC Foundation was organized, with the decision of acquiring the lot where the future MCUJC building will be constructed. After his term six Uptown Jaycee members were awarded as JCI Senators, namely: JCI Allan Rapes, JCI Ado Pono, JCI Marcelo Fernan, Jr., JCI Ray Alcoseba, JCI Kio Mercurio and JCI Choy Torralba.

There was no election during the term of JCI Sen. Marcelo Martin N. Fernan, Jr. since he didn't have any opponent. During his term the LOM received the first international award for Jaycee Week Project. The Chairman for this project was JCI Sen. Joselo D. Macachor. During the VISARCON in Iloilo City, the LOM received the Biggest Delegation Award, Champions in Basketball and Volleyball, and Best in Uniform. It was also the year when the plane left Iloilo City for Cebu without the Uptowners, because they either over slept and forgot to wake up. A friendship pact with Konan Jaycees of Japan was signed during his term.

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