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History in the making .........

The year 1985 was very significant for the Cebuanos. It was the year when four Local Organization Members (LOMs) bonded together to sponsor the Chartering of Magellan Jaycees which was later changed into Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees.

JCI Sen. Lucio Roger Enerio Lim, Jr. became the Charter President, and a year after his term he was then elected as National Vice President for Central Visayas. JCI Sen. Jun is known as "The Bachelor President" up to present. He was also famous for being very diplomatic and responsible for the signing of Sisterhood and Friendship Pacts with different lady Chapters in the Philippines like such as 24-K Makajalar Jaycees, Legaspi Dawani Jaycees, Makati Princess Urduja Jaycees, Marikina Marikit Jaycees, and the Perlas Pasay Jaycees. He was also the Godfather of our one and only extended lady chapter - the Zugbuana Jaycees. JCI Sen. Jun was considered as a mentor in many ways by many Jaycee friends. Because of his excellent service, Jun Lim has served as LOM President for two continuous years.

It was in January of 1987 that the election was called by JCI Sen. Jun himself. Nobody would like to try the shoes left by Jun Lim. Actually there was no election that took place in 1987, but an appointment of unwilling and willing members to become officers. This time JCI Sen. Robert L. Go was chosen to lead the LOM. JCI Sen. Robert's term as LOM President fits him to the "T". It was in 1987 that Metro Cebu Uptown was awarded as the "Most Outstanding New LOM of the Asia Pacific". He tried the higher positions in the NOM and JCI Robert was elected National Treasurer and National Senior Executive Vice President in 1991 and 1993 of the Philippine Jaycees respectively. In 1996 he was elected JCI Vice President for Area 8 and in 1997 appointed JCI General Legal Counsel. He had contributed a lot, not only in MCUJC, to the JCP and also to JCI.

JCI Sen. Allan U. Rapes' term in 1988 was very memorable. It was during his term that JCI President Jennifer Yu visited Cebu per invitation of JCI Sen. David Chua Unsu. While in Cebu she encouraged JCI Sen. Allan to bid for ASPAC Conference for 1991. With the approval of JCI Sen. Dave the groundwork was started with JCI Sen. Jun Lim leading the Head Delegation that went to Macau to bid for the ASPAC Conference. Aside from being the father of ASPAC, he is also considered as the father to JCI Sen. Marcelo N. Fernan, Jr., now the Presidential Assistant for Central Visayas, and JCI Sen. Jose Rafael D. Mercurio, the first JCP Executive Director for they were recruited and inducted as Baby and Regular Jaycees during his term.

JC Alberto Caņada followed JCI Sen. Allan in 1989. JC Bert is best remembered as the father of Bigtime BINGO. It was during his term that our bid to host the ASPAC Conference for 1991 was formally awarded to us. Also it was a very significant year for Metro Cebu Uptown Jaycees since it was this year that a friendship pact with Grass Mountain Jaycees of Taipei was signed.

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